Why Chatbots are the future of Marketing?

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Why I Use a Chatbot (and Maybe You Should Too)


Why I Use a Chatbot (and Maybe You Should Too) and I think that the future of chatbot has arrived! 

Hello Marketer and Entrepreneur. Have you met Jenn from Alaskan Airlines, yet? If not, let me introduce you to an incredibly useful ChatBot.

Jenn offers her insightful suggestions for a suitable flight, and meanwhile, makes your business reservation for you. After explaining the baggage policy, she sends you a flight map via email. Jenn has you covered.

Consumer behaviors, consumer interests, and a consumer’s unique needs integrate within the chatbot’s interactive responses. In real-time, this technology can answer frequently asked questions, take orders, plus much more.

ChatBot marketing is the A.I. technology of today. In 2020, personalization has become the key to effective marketing. Therefore, chatbots escort distinctive messaging in various customer interactions. All in the name of intimate marketing.


Jump into the Future of Chatbot Marketing…Or You Will Regret It Later


By now, if you are asking yourself if you should use a chatbot in your business, frankly, you are asking the wrong question. You see, the question to consider is, “How do I make the best use of this technology in my business?” Like every blue-ocean opportunity, the waters are wide-open for message marketing, but this should not be confused with the same old tactics and same old mistakes.

With dwindling audiences, the opportunity for deeper consumer connection is ever-present. According to Gartner.com, customer-digital-assistants will soon recognize a customer’s face and voice across multiple channel partners. These real-time conversations with chatbots enable an interactive experience that improves engagement through its personalization.

The capacity to receive feedback directly from consumers in a highly-interest-based way is invaluable to both established and growing brands. How so? Well, the issue of data collection via emails and surveys has never been about the amount of data you can collect. Currently, tons of information can be collected through these methods. However, the issue has always been its usefulness. The actionable insights that the data brings out has always been the problem. Now, distinctive-information through an appealing process allows brands to engage quickly and stay relevant.


Discover Six -Ways Chatbots Are Extremely Effective


With the future chatbot marketing upon us, companies big and small are weighing in on the results of this A.I. technology. In six distinct areas of business, the messenger marketing tool has been deployed successfully. Success is seen in execution as Customer service, building a contact list, eliminating workloads on social engagement teams, sales prequalification, instant F.A.Q., direct selling of products and services. Let us quickly examine each area in a bit of detail.


  • Enhanced Customer Service- As a tool to offload basic questions too, the chatbot can send detailed inquires to a live person for further review. The dual-method reduces the workload on your staff and creates a shorter wait time for a customer. Both are positive solutions to long-wait times and overworked staff.


  • Discover a New Way to Build Your Contact List– Described by some as “email marketing on steroids.” Sending push notifications and running ads in a messenger platform (Facebook Messenger) has seen conversions at 3-5x higher rates. An incredible method to creating a marketing list, and all done without being pushy, or unethical.


  • Getting Sales PreQualification- With a small number of start-up costs associated with a chatbot, the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your sales effort is grand. The first step in pre-qualification with a bot is to ask these five questions:
    1. Are You (BLANK)? A new mom, a plumber, a business owner, etc.
    2. Tell Me More? Make your prospect feel heard. Let them express what they are looking into.
    3. What Brought You Here Today? This question helps you identify the buyer intent. Are they browsing, or are they ready to buy?
    4. What do you know about X (Product)? This is invaluable in understanding how to speak to your prospect. How so. This question highlights the prospect’s market sophistication level. Therefore, how you engage them in moving forward.
    5. Do You Want Some Help With That? If the answer is no, perhaps you do not waste your time by assigning the lead to your sales team. If they answer YES, then pass the lead down to your team.


  • Providing Instant Answers- Potential buyers love to find answers to their questions quickly. Likewise, your staff will typically answer the same type of questions day-in and day-out. This is a perfect use of chatbot marketing.


  • Selling Your Product of Service- Now, the future of chatbot marketing upon us. Direct sales via this tool are increasing. In fact, Gartner.com again brought out that 85% of customer interactions in 2020 were managed without a human.

Notable Examples of Chatbot Messaging in 2020


Leading the pack with a user experience that leaves the consumer wanting to come back, again and again, is Starbucks. With ease, place your special order of drink or snack via voice or chat. Second, Lyft has taken this A.I. technology to the highest level of service. Receive a picture of your driver, the license plate of the vehicle you will ride in, and request or finalize your ride, all via a chatbot.

Not to be left out of the A-list of companies deploying chatbots effectively is Whole Foods. Customers have raved at Whole Foods chatbot functionality. For virtually any item in the store, engage with the bot to uncover delicious recipes. The make-up tutorials given by the chatbot with the brand Sephora is worth mentioning.


Why The Future of Chatbot is a Takeover


In the future, expect a complete takeover from these messenger bots. Can you remember a website you have recently browsed that didn’t have the little chat icon on the bottom left side? I doubt it. At least I cannot remember one off of the top of my head. Today, 71% of people are willing to use messaging to get customer service issues resolved. And why are they comfortable using this technology? Two-words stand-out. Personalization and speed. Consumer behavior has changed. Marketers and Entrepreneurs must change too. With an understanding of this behavior change, creating a bot that your audience automatically engages within simple.

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