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The age of social media has changed the way traditional marketing is done. Gone are the days when you would put an advertisement in a newspaper or on brochures. Today most marketing is done on social media. And why not? Almost everyone is on social media, it helps reach millions of people at the same time and is quite cheap. There are many social media platforms in the world each with its differences and similarities. Some of the platforms are purely used for interaction while others for marketing. The social media platform that is in the limelight today is Telegram. In a short amount of time, it has been existences, Telegram has managed to become an interactive tool as well as a huge marketing strategy for the business and is leading its telegram bot marketing strategy.


What is telegram bot marketing?

To answer the questions, a breakdown of the terms is required. Telegram is an online messenger that allows users to share text, images, videos, and audio files. With over 200 million users worldwide, Telegram has made its mark on people after only four years of operation. On telegram, you have the ability to create a business channel that you can make public or private. A public group means that anyone can join while a private one requires permission from the group administrator. In the group, you market your products, and that reaches a lot of people at once.

Telegram has made marketing extremely easy and effective. Some of the reasons why it is effective are because:

  • Has extensive reach
  • Very interactive
  • It has multimedia content
  • Includes hypertextual features
  • It is cost-effective
  • Has real-time responses
  • And is up to date


Telegram marketing bots are programmed software that helps make marketing easy for the administrator. Using a telegram helps to prevent the risk of human errors when marketing. The bots are programmed to answer questions asked by members of the group. The bots also control automatic responses. You can search for product information with your bot. Other functions of the telegram bots include:

  • Up to date information
  • The bots increase your brand’s awareness and reach
  • They help conduct any payment processes.
  • They drive more traffic to the channel
  • The bots calculate and analyze sales and reach that was made in a certain span of time.
  • The bots also assist when it comes to making orders. They collect the information about the buyer and payment information and process the order.
  • They answer any questions customers ask in the group.

For all these opportunities with telegram marketing bots, you first need to program the bots. If you have no experience with coding or programming you can hire a software competent person to help you or you can follow some easy steps and build your own bots. The bot you build if you do not have any experience with coding will not be as professional as the one built by a software engineer, so I recommend you hire someone specialized in the skill. With a bot, you save a lot of time you could have used when replying to every person individually, you also get to eliminate unnecessary errors. The software is programmed to remove any errors. With the software little to no errors will be made.

So to answer the question in full, telegram bot marketing is the process of generating traffic and sales through an interactive messenger using programmed software to decrease errors while increasing brand awareness.


How do you use telegram bot for marketing

As discussed above, you can use telegram as a marketing tool by generating traffic to your channel and consequently increasing sales and reach. You can use telegram as a marketing tool by creating a business channel and decide on what products you want to sell or promote. After having set up your page on telegram you can go ahead and add people, here your page can either be public or private. You get to choose your target audience. But before adding people to the group you need to customize your appearance. Make it appealing and unique by sticking to the theme of the channel. You need to capture the attention of people before adding them. Picture this, you are invited to a party and when you get there you find the host has not even started setting it up for the guests. In the same way in the channel, people need to be invited to a group that has already finished construction.

You can create your own stickers that speak to the purpose of the group and what makes it different from the others.

Also, remember to advertise your group which can be done in several ways:

  • Create a group link and share it on different platforms like Facebook or on Instagram.
  • If you have a website or blog remember to always live a link to your telegram channel on your contact information.
  • You can also create a telegram not which will increase your brand awareness.

How do you make a bot on telegram?

There are different ways you can create a telegram marketing bots. The ways depend on how qualified the person is, there are methods to use if you are a professional programmer and others for beginners.

For beginners:

  • Head over to the Telegram application on your phone or laptop computer
  • Click on the search tool and type in botfather
  • Type in the new bot, then follow the instructions that are highlighted there and you can create a whole new bot.

consequently, you can hire a qualified programmer who will run lines of code to create a new bot for your business. He or she will create a bot that is unique to your business alone. I recommend hiring a professional because they will do a good job at it and the product will be quality.


31 best telegram bot

Here are 31 of the best Telegram bots


  1. Get Media Bot

from the title, this bot is able to download any media file from other social media platforms legally


  1. Giphy Bot

The bot is able to generate any gypsy you want, all you need to do is search for it using keywords.


  1. Tweet it Bot

Twitter is a popular social media site, this bot enables you to make a tweet while using telegram.


  1. GAMEE

A bot that makes it possible to download and play games on Telegram.



A bot that makes it possible to create and locate stickers for the channel.


  1. Target Alert Bot

You get to receive alerts when people refer to you in any group



Provides news to the channel users from every part of the globe



The bot makes it possible to translate texts to different dialects.



A bot allows you to generate memes.



This is a multi-purpose bot, it allows you to find images, lyrics, news, and lots of other things.


  1. File to Bot

this is a storage bot, it automatically saves data to the cloud and has unlimited storage.


  1. Dr Web – Telegram bot

A bot that helps prevent virus inform of messages and links.


  1. Vote bot

Helps create opinion polls or ballots to be used in the channel.


  1. Poster bot

Helps create and customize posters


  1. AppFollow

Helps you keep track of customer reviews


  1. GitHub Trends

Finds trendy projects around your area.


  1. Babel gram

The bot auto translates messages


  1. IFTTT – Telegram bot

Does anything you ask it, from the weather to the news.


  1. Shorten Url

Creates shorter URL codes


  1. File converter

The bot converts files into different formats.


  1. Chess exercises bot

A favorite for chess players, it enables members to play chess matches.


  1. Get music- Telegram bot

A bot that has to find songs and lyrics


  1. Hooks bot

Gives you all the current trends.


  1. Spotybot

Allows you to stream music right on telegram.


  1. Skeddy bot

Just like a personal assistant, this bot keeps your files in order.


  1. MoviesTrackerbot

The bot helps you get data about movies.


  1. GitHub bot

Manages your alerts.


  1. Little Guardian software.

A bot that protects you from malicious software and viruses.


  1. Metric bots

Enables the studying of sales and traffic analytics.


  1. Voicybot

A bot that is used to modify text files into audio.


  1. Shieldybox – Telegram bot

A bot that offers protection from malicious people.


How effective is a telegram bot?

The best bots for telegram are very effective in making a group interactive. They help accomplish tasks like telling time, completing orders, and analyzing sales.

The telegram bots make work easier. They have changed the dynamics of marketing. Everything can be done from the application, you can use other applications while you are on telegram.

You can join various groups to download the bots you want to use, they are easy to download and provide a lot of technical support when it comes to maximizing the profits from your group.


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