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It’s almost as though everywhere you turn, you see the term chat or have to communicate with one. It’s the way of the world, at least the business world, in a bid to improve time and efficiency as well as reduce cost. Now, chatbots are being used for something else, too, marketing. chatbot marketing is commonplace now online, inside business places, on social media, and even at the airport. Here are some details about Messenger Chatbot Marketing and the current bot marketing leader, ManyChat.

What is Chatbot Marketing?

Chatbots can make online marketing a lot easier for businesses and create a smooth experience for users by communicating with them in a human-like way. Bot technology has been interacting with customers for some time now and has become a useful tool to guide customers to products and services. Bots can even help customers make selections based on the necessary information that the customer may input.

As an assistant for online shops, bots make the experience more personalized, and customers are more inclined to purchase. Sometimes customers are uncertain of what they want or do not know where to find the need, and the bot can direct them to it.

Examples of Messenger Chatbots

There are three main types of business bots.

1.Support bot

Support bots also referred to as simple bots, are chatbots that have limited functionalities. They follow rules it simple tasks assigned to them, hence the name. These simple bots as straightforward questions and give users pre-selected options to decide from. They cannot operate outside of the scope they were designed for. The chatbot cannot use any information from previous interactions with the customer to help them. They have to keep making selections until they get their answer or get to their area of choice. They are easy to create and program, and are fit for businesses that are not complex.


2. Skills bot

Skills chatbots usually don’t need much contextual knowledge. They are programmed with specific orders that are aimed at making life simpler for the user. You can tell them to turn on or off a device, and they usually react immediately. Users can engage in other activities while communicating with these bots. If the owner desires, they can design these bots to be more advanced. If the integration is kept simple when setting up the bot, it will make using it easier for other people at the home or office.


3.Assistant bot

Assistant chatbots also referred to as hybrids bots, are the smart bots that fall between the support and skills bot. They function best when fed with a variety of information. They can pay your bill, make phone calls, set timers, and have conversations. They can even make jokes. Siri and Google Assistant are typical examples. People will communicate with these bots just for the fun of it.

When developing these bots, users should be made aware of what the functions of the bot are. Even though it’s not easy, it is essential to equip the hot with as many topics as possible to assist a broader range of people.

Effectiveness of Messenger Chatbots

Messenger Chatbots have proven to be very useful, hence the fast growth rate. It’s useful for businesses in the area of customer service and interacting with customers at multiple levels. It also serves as a marketing tool, driving more revenue to places. It assists social network users with improving and increasing communications with followers, supporters, and customers. The effectiveness of bots far outweighs the cons.

How do Chatbots Work?

Chatbots are computer programs created to write exactly like a human conversation. A complex algorithm built within the bot allows it to respond to queries from users. They can react via typing and are human-like in their communication. They can decipher the words on a timely basis to understand and respond appropriately to requests.


Why are chatbots Important?

There are many reasons that chatbots are essential, and the top of the list is enhanced customer experience. They make the interaction between users and the service they seek flow more smoothly. Bots help companies reduce the workforce or place workers in more productive areas of the business. They offer companies a chance to enhance the customer engagement process and functional effigy by lessening the regular cost of consumer service.

Why ManyChat is the Best Messenger Chatbot

For Messenger chatbot marketing, users continue to gravitate towards ManyChat. It’s considered the best because of its simple integration with Facebook. Integrating ManyChat’s platform with a user’s Facebook page takes the simple click of a button to authenticate its page.

Henceforth, ManyChat, the bot marketing leader, will take the user through a few steps that grant them access to both the page and Messenger functions. The customer can add other pages if they so desire.

The ManyChat platform will then send a test message to the Messenger account associated with the user’s page. The sample page details the functions of ManyChat and allows the user to begin utilizing it immediately.

Another great feature of ManyChat is the many membership levels that it offers to customers. At its basic level, usually used by people getting to understand Messenger chatbot marketing, it is free to use.

The Free level naturally has a lot of constraints attached to it. For instance, it restricts the number of labels and custom fields that you can make. Additionally, you can just make a few transmission successions. In any case, it’s incredibly valuable for getting you used to the application without putting cash into it.

The Proform eliminates these limitations by offering a variety of instruments. For instance, you can utilize the Proform to deal with installments legitimately in Messenger. Furthermore, the entirety of the ManyChat marking vanishes when you move up to Pro.

Strikingly, the cost of the Pro bundle differs according to the number of endorsers that you have. This is incredibly helpful for the individuals who have little endorser records but need admittance to the Pro benefits. You won’t need to address a similar cost as somebody who has countless supporters.


Benefits of Messenger chatbot – ManyChat

ManyChat has an array of growth tools. Additionally, it offers a few development instruments, the vast majority of which are just accessible to Pro users.

These apparatuses incorporate its Facebook Comments tool. Accessible to all clients, this permits you to transform people who comment into bot endorsers. It’s a decent method to pull leads from the individuals who interface with your posts but don’t message you straightforwardly.

The Facebook Ads device does likewise for individuals who click on the promotions you convey. What’s more, you can again utilize the Messenger Code device to make graphic designs to gain individuals to your bot.

Every one of these apparatuses lets you utilize ManyChat for lead gains.


Is it User Friendly?

ManyChat is very user-friendly and offers customers an easy connection to the messenger chatbot that it makes. Users can place the link within their marketing materials so they can steer people towards the hot.

The process is simple, and ManyChat excels at shepherding users through the procedure. There is also an automated service to assist.

ManyChat offers a variety of Messaging options.

The messages range from the standard text and picture to card creation that can be placed in a gallery and sent through the bot.

ManyChat also lets its users attach files to their messages. Attaching files is valuable if they have PDF files they need to use to attract leads. The attachment feature also helps with routing tutorials to people having issues with using the product.

ManyChat has a simple user interface making it a magnet to users. Their user’s face is loaded with icons that make everything the user needs to use white handy. The platform has both Basic and Flow Builders. They both allow users to set up a chat flow that the bot can follow, but the flow builder is way more flexible than the basic.

Overall, the tool is very detailed, which eliminates or reduces the need for a tutorial. The decry step has explanations as well.

What People Think.

All across the internet, rave reviews can be found about ManyChat and its useful Messenger chatbot marketing tool.

Small business owner Adrian U had this to say after giving ManyChat a five-star rating: “It’s a well-structured bot development platform” Adrian says he’s been creating chatbots since 2018

when most bit platforms, we’re still at the developing stage. He says after trying another forum, he switched to ManyChat with all his clients due to its dynamic integration process.

Business owner Michelle Barnum says, “ManyChat changed mine and thousands of my customers’ lives!”

What she likes most about the platform is that it doesn’t require you to be a developer to use it. She says ManyChat built for business operators to promptly setup and fully utilize chatbots.


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