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Create Telegram Stickers and get usage stats for your stickers with this bot.

This bot matches you with a random person of desired sex speaking on your language(s).

MonitorBot monitors the availability of URL. Also you can use it to organize the parameters of monitoring such as HDD free space, CPU, and many others, or to monitor any other parameters associated with the services, business processes, employee productivity etc . More information about the features –

Listen to and download any music! News: @vkmusic_bot_news Contact&ads: @vkmowner

Collects posts from channels, so you can read them in one feed. Can forward messages to group chats and channels as well

This is a fast and free wallet along with the decentralized BTC (Bitcoin) exchange service.

Уведомляет о новых публикациях по ключевым словам в Telegram-каналах и чатах.Поддержка:

Skeddy is a simple yet powerful reminder tool that can help you create and manage your reminders.

С помощью бота вы можете добавлять операции и проверять балансы счетов. Наш канал про личные финансы: @zenmoney

Livegram Bot is a builder of feedback bots for Telegram. More info: