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Published: August 4, 2016

Support languages: Italiano

Questo bot è interamente dedicato a Clash of Clans!
Puoi reclutare per il tuo clan, cercare clan e chiedermi consigli per attaccare in war!
Nella sezione tutorials puoi trovare guide avanzate!
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Ale - 7 months ago


Fast and profitable. Imho the best bot to earn bitcoin and cash real money. I've tried dozens and no other has such a high return in $.

Only bot where you can buy additional referrals using your available balance and increase the payable amount in a million different ways (either free or paying). Feel free to contact if you need any advice.

Couple more notables (even though not that profitable) if you have a passion for mining:


Ilya - 8 months ago

@audio_vk_bot - Скачать музыку из VK без ограничений

Гуля❤️ - 8 months ago

@muschart - Top music channel in the whole world! 🎶

Asd - 8 months ago

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ɳi©k❧ - 10 months ago

Wow! Un tool utilissimo x chi gioca a Clash!

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