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Nudgy Note makes to-do lists fun! With friends as motivators, you’ll be held accountable to finish daily tasks.

I’m your personal productivity assistant who motivates you to set and achieve your goals.

iMaxCRM is a next generation user friendly , versatile and truly affordable system that automate many of the tasks for real estate Agents and Brokers.

Octopus Tasks is a way to make better use of your free-time by completing micro-tasks for friends and companies.

Standuply is a bot that runs standup meetings by interviewing your team members in Slack and delivers answers to Slack, Trello and email.

Amass Media is a business automation company. Helping companies with Facebook advertising. Furthermore, automating mundane tasks; such as lead generation and customer retention process.

Venerable Wear provides quality apparel designed to be a daily reminder of the charge we have been given through the undeserved grace from God.

Helping Players and Coaches learn faster (Think SparkNotes for baseball). with a heavy focus on helping players conquer their doubts and fears on the baseball field. Message me with your email address and I’ll add you so you don’t miss an update.

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Ordinary tasks, extraordinary service Let us take care of all the stuff you don’t have the time or energy for, so you can concentrate on doing what you