Bot Category: Personal Assistant

“I am excited to announce the next big milestone of my career: My book about Corporate Leadership achieved Bestseller Status in the field of business.

I’m your personal productivity assistant who motivates you to set and achieve your goals.

Sick of waiting around all day for a package to be delivered or an engineer to fix a problem? Stop waiting. Book a Waiter from WeWait from just £30

Zoie is a bot-powered marketplace that collects, analyzes and leverages data for independent retailers. Zoie acts as a personal shopping assistant, helping consumers through all phases of the shopping experience and learning as they engage.

Rockstar chatbots are carefully crafted virtual assistants, support agents and chat buddies designed to make your work or play time productive and joyful

Hello World! I’m MoveMore, the AI-based workout assistant. I can help you workout by recommending different workouts. Send me a message to start!

Afya is your own personal AI health assistant that provides reliable quick health information about diseases, symptoms, and treatments.