Bot Category: Movies & TV Shows


@oneseason_bot can help you to find information about when next TV series episode will air. Easy to use and fast.

Addictive way to find a great movie . The more movies you rate the more personalized recommendations you receive

Hitagi is qt anime bot capable of searching for TV shows, manga, characters, and fan art.

A Game of Thrones Bot. Books, TV series, subs & music. / Бот Игры Престолов. Книги, сериал, субтитры и музыка.

Snack Time will provide you to download subtitles and track your TV series & movies.Contact: @msudgh

I recommend similar music (musicians, bands), movies, TV shows, books, authors and games, based on what you like/say.

Popkorn app lets you order online in movies theaters & deliver your food & Beverages on your seat