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Urja Gym World is a state of the art complete health club with scientific and modern training methodology as its backbone. We have all the modern facilities under one roof. All our personal trainers are certified.

Fresh CrossFit – Group Sessions to suit All Ages, Sexes and Fitness Levels Get Fit, Have Fun and Become Part of a Awesome Community

SHIROI is professionally made with Japan’s advance technology in whitening. Shiroi Products is made in the Philippines but the formula and main raw materials originally came from Japan.

A community of fun loving & energetic people who love Juicing.Free Recipes,Tips & More!

Wink whitening Soap Official Brand Sunnie VSP brand ແລກຂອງລາວ ສັ່ງຊື້ສິນຄ້າໄດ້ທີ່.ສາຂາໃຫຍ່ Tel : 02077779444 Line : sunnie1993

Dr. John McGee specializes in the design of empathetic conversational user interfaces for clinical settings and public health initiatives. He brings to the table 25 years in private clinical practice of medicine and a passion for communication.

Founded in Europe (Poland) in 2014, Dushko is a sports apparel company for pole dancing, twerk, fitness and other sporting activities.

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