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Hitagi is qt anime bot capable of searching for TV shows, manga, characters, and fan art.

This bot sends a random piece of art from the Met Museum’s collection.Made with ❤️ by @Mastmat

A simple, nsfw, furry AI that learns from people it interacts with.Written by: @snepdevFursona art by: @beemovie2

(in)comoda-me is an official INSIDE OUT art project that takes place in Lisbon, trying to draw attention to the discrepancy between the number of homeless and abandoned houses in the city.

‘There are no stupid users. Only stupid design.’ I’m a Professional Geek, and this blog is dedicated to my geek life and engagement with others.

We love stories well told. We are passionate about graphic design, web design, UX and UI design.

At Minhalsoft, we design and develop websites that improve your bottom-line. We have worked with a number of technologies in the past,