5 Effective Chatbot Marketing Campaigns

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Have you ever thought of designing a chatbot? If yes, you might be worried whether it will be a trustworthy option for your campaigns or businesses. Many sales teams, marketing teams, and support teams are using chatbot marketing campaigns and are taking their businesses to the next level.

You can also be among the many brands that are rocking with the chatbot strategy. This article will go deep into the chatbot strategy and answer some of your questions.

What is a Chatbot?


A bot, in simple terms, is an automated computer program that carries out tasks. Chatbots are made in such a way that they can engage with messages. Chatbots are programmed differently with some being programmed to use machine learning to give responses that relate to the situation, respond differently if some keywords are mentioned, or to answer the same way every time.


With chatbots, the task been carried out is talking with human beings. The bots use different sophisticated technologies like natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Occasionally, bots are a series of IF-THEN statements. An example of a chatbot marketing campaigns are Alexa and the Domino’s Pizza app.


Nowadays, chatbots can reply to texts with anything; GIFs, videos, audios, images, or yes statements. Chatbot medium has grown to a very great extent, and common apps like WhatsApp and Messenger are also using them.


Why Use Chatbots for Marketing?


Automating almost all processes in your business is one of the many ways to remain competitive in any modern place. An example of such a company is Amazon, where they opened a store that does not have a self check-out or cashier. The ability of chatbots to automate conversations makes them valuable. Below are some of the reasons why you should use the best chatbot marketing campaigns.


Save money and time

Since you will be using automated conversations to reply to your customers’ questions instead of employees, you will be saving money and time, and you can allocate that to other departments. Your representatives will not be spending their time answering inbound questions and can instead use the time to find relevant conversations they can join with different tools of social listening.

You also save a lot of time, and the quantity of messages also increases. Using automated responses saves money and time for you and your employees.


Generate more revenue and leads

Chatbot use messages and get the information needed to come up with a response. For example, most pages ask users why they are visiting the page, and the answer can help you to improve the revenue of your business.

The users will give their opinions on what they think is going well and what they don’t like about the company. Instead of answering one question at the same time for different users, the chatbot will answer all the questions and save you fatigue.


Guide users

Customers always want to know how a business operates, and they will always go back to a company that served them well. Most customers do not know what they want to know about a brand. They might have overheard your brand with friends and decided to find out more on their own.

Chatbots are programmed to answer questions in a certain way if specific keywords are mentioned. The customer will be given the relevant information they need if they use exact keywords in their problems. If you personalize the way a chatbot asks questions, the customers will be directed on the best way to create a better experience.


Provide ‘Additional Hours’ support

Most chatbots are used to answer questions during an emergency. Most companies do not provide 24/7 customer service support, and when the office is closed, the chatbot can still give users the information they need.

A faster response is essential for customers since they have many options to choose from, and some might not be ready to wait until the office is open. Also, besides 24/7 support, chatbots also respond to messages faster than human beings.

When dealing with humans, they have to attend to one customer at a time and can only go to the next if one customer is satisfied with the information. Chatbots, on the other hand, can attend to many customers at once and give all the information needed.


Engage with customers uniquely.

Before chatbots came into existence, customers interacted with businesses through telephone and email. Some emails did not answer the questions fully; some customers did not send second emails for following up.

Chatbots can be accessed anytime and engage with customers in an interactive and fun way. Some use emoji, GIFs, or audios to respond to questions making the conversation Examples of Chatbot Marketing Campaigns


  1. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is a website that gives people the available travel deals and is mainly used to rent packages, cars, book hotels, and flights. To effectively communicate with people, Hipmunk uses the ‘Hello Chatbot’, which is one of the best chatbot marketing campaigns and can be easily integrated with Skype, Slack, or Facebook.

The chatbot uses the location of the user and sends them the available travel deals about the place. The bot works by hunting for information on different sites that offer travel deals, classify them depending on the location, and send them to the user.

When showing the available travel deals in an area, the Hipmunk bot uses a conversational, friendly, informal, and personalized experience that resembles how you speak to a travel agent.


  1. NatGeo Genius

The National Geographic TV heists a show- Genius- which chronicles the lives of public figures like Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein. The show created a Facebook page that created a Messenger bot that communicates with users with the voice of the ‘chronicled person’ as their chatbot marketing campaigns.

If for example, Einstein’s show will be hosted today, if you click the ‘send message’ button, you will be connected with a voice similar to Einstein’s. The bot used the information given by the user to inform them about the show and the topics Einstein majored on


  1. Whole foods

Whole Foods bot communicates with users and provides them with cooking inspirations, products, and give users recipes. The bot makes it easy for users to narrow on what instructions or recipes they want by including filters and options to choose different cuisines.

After applying all the filters needed, the bot sends a link that directs the user to a particular recipe. The recipes are found on the company’s website, and this helps in driving more traffic to them. The users can use shortcuts to request recipes. If a user sends a cake emoji, the bot replies with a link to a cake recipe.


  1. BabyCentre UK

BabyCentre UK is a website that deals with child and pregnancy resources. BabyCentre uses articles and calculators to help moms through the bot. When using the bot, users are asked about the age and gender of the child or the challenges a parent is facing and the bot gives pieces of advice on what to do expounds more on the answer it has passed.

For example, if the user says the child is below three months or is weaning, the bot provides information saying the child is ready for solid food. After giving responses, the bot asks the user whether they need more k formation.


  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a free app for learning new languages and helps you practice the language. One of the most common challenges of learning a new language is practicing loudly. Since most users are embarrassed and fear conversing with other native speakers when learning a new language,

Duolingo came up with a native chatbot to help the learners practice what they have been learning and ads the conversational skills. People using the app to learn new languages can choose whoever they want to talk to, and the bots talk in friendly and talkative ways. Duolingo learners can have conversations any day and anytime until they feel brave enough to talk to other native speakers. 


This makes it fun for new learners and also prevents the shame that is associated with learning new languages.


Is Chatbot marketing the future?


Chatbots are not so distant from being the future; they will eventually, but there are bleak. Bots help businesses grow to the next level and make life more manageable. Unlike traditional forms of consultation where users had to send emails, and some ended being spammed, bots will answer questions whatever time and are quick to reply.

Marketers with the best communication channels have the best track record and chatbots help a business to have the right communication channel. Also, unlike humans, bots are less likely to make mistakes and don’t have emotions. Therefore, when asked questions, they will not reply to bias or be rude.

They will give you the information you need and solve your problem very fast. However, as companies and brands are making use of bots, they should ensure they use them the right way and get away with bad bots.


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